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Fishing enthusiasts are passionate about their sport, and none more so than the crew at Larva!

Our online range of fishing lures and supplies is truly second to none.

We offer you a fantastic selection of game fishing lures as well as high quality game and sport fishing tackle as used by the experts in the Australian light and heavy tackle game fishing industry.

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The Latest Technology

Larva presents you with the very latest technology in game fishing and trolling lures. At Larva we exclusively carry the first ever Rapid Interchangeable Lure Head System.

Larva Lures is the worlds first lure that you can change the head shape of your lure in less then 5 seconds with 4 different head shapes over 2 set packs without re rigging your lure proven world wide.

Please visit us regularly as our website is constantly under development, with new game fishing products being introduced on a regular basis.

Family Owned and Operated

Larva is owned and operated by a family that is dedicated to the fishing industry and boasts an outstanding game fishing background.

Head angler Andrew can give you all the inside tips as to what and when and where Larva Lures are best run. Andrew is well known within the Australian game fishing industry.

He has worked for and alongside many of Australia's most accomplished game fishing skippers, deckhands and anglers. This means you can be confident you are getting the best advice possible!

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