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Are you passionate about game fishing? Larva Lures offers you the very best selection of effective and affordable trolling lures on the global market. We are  proudly Australian owned. Located in Kinka Beach on the Capricorn Coast in Queensland, Larva lures have been distributed world wide and have accounted for countless tournament wins and also record catches!

Our aim is to present fishing enthusiasts with superior lures that will increase their chances of landing that elusive big fish with our world first rapid interchangeable lure system. For more details on our lures and fishing equipment, please contact Larva today.

The Right Lure at the Right Time

Larva intends on becoming a major manufacturer and supplier of the world's first truly Rapid Interchangeable Lure System, you change the head to one of 4 different heads over 2 set packs of your chosen lure size in less then 5 seconds for a complete different running action without cutting off your rig(Enforceable International Patents - Registered Design). 

Larva utilises a supply chain management team which operates under ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, along with implementing the very highest levels of manufacturing quality control systems. We take great pride in supporting the Billfish Foundation, IGFA, ASA and AFTA along with promoting and sponsoring local and international fishing tournaments, clubs and groups.

With stringent quality control standards, Larva expertly manufactures the most versatile and user friendly game fishing lure available in today's retail market place.

This has secured a strong marketing presence for Larva within the wider media through to point of sale, support and advertising.

If you want to find out how to catch a truly remarkable fish, contact Larva today.

Your Fishing Experts

Larva was formally founded by a passionate sports fishing family in 2009. However, the Larva lure concept had been in development and prototype testing for almost a decade and had to be proven before release. The prototype testing took place in PNG,Western Australia, Queensland and Vanuatu. This led to the Larva Lures product being launched in Australia in mid 2011 with an international release in late 2011. At Larva we pride ourselves on producing lures that are backed by sound engineering principles and innovative patented design technology, coupled with the fishing insight that only real sports fisherman can provide. The larva lures team have been involved and also professionally game and sport fishing for over 17 years and hold countless records world wide.

Larva's aim is to increase your catch and pass on any knowledge that  can help you achieve your ultimate goal in catching your fish of a life time.  

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